Hydrating Membrane


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Free Consultation
We begin with a free consultation to discuss if this treatment is right for you. During this time, we will let you know where we can remove fat from your body, discuss your priorities, in your timeline, at a reasonable price for you. 


Spot Treating
Unfortunately, with diet and exercise, you don't get to control where you lose fat. One of the beautiful facts about fat-freezing is that you can pick and choose which areas you want to work on...whether it's just your inner thighs, the stomach area, or your entire body, we cater to your needs. Don't lose the curves you love! Here at YOU Beautique, Long Island Lipo-Freeze, we freeze the areas you want to get rid of, creating your perfect fit!

Weighing & Measuring‚Äč 
Contrary to popular belief, keeping track of pounds is far from the most efficient way to measure fitness and health. Due to muscle being denser than other tissue, one can easily lose inches and go up in muscle density, making you heavier in pounds, but healthier (and sexier) looking. 
Our goal is to help you get fit and look better. 

We do this by decreasing fat percentage, increasing muscle percentage, and losing inches, we make sure you get your dream body!  
Let YOU Beautique, Long Island Lipo-Freeze help you accomplish your goals!

The Lipo- Freeze Machine

Custom programed for your individual needs.

Cooling Process