Are you tired of seeing stubborn fat that diet & exercise just won't get rid of?

During the fat-freezing process, frozen fat cells go into "Apoptosis", which means they die and pass through your lymph system. FAT FREEZING is non-invasive, non-toxic, and has never had fatal or permanent side effects. It involves no poisons, and permanently moves the cells out of the bodythrough your own natural processes. It is much more effective and much more affordable than any other option.

The Fat Freezing Differences:

The many names used for the process can be confusing. Coolsculpting™ , Lipo-Freeze™ , Kryos-Slim™, CoolSlimming™; etc. are all different names for fat freezing. Not only is our chosen patent, Lipo-Freeze™, the most effective, but our doctors and technicians are the best trained and most knowledgable on Long Island.

​The ONLY three ways to get rid of fat cells permanently are:

1) Inject them with poison and wait for them to dissipate,

2) Have surgery, which has fatal risks,

3) or Freeze them!

Who gets the best results?

If you have a faster metabolism, work out regularly with some intensity (to the point of sweating), eat wisely, hydrate really well, and get regular and sufficient sleep--you are likely to have excellent and fast results.

Who gets the least effective results?

The problem with diet, exercise pills, cavitation, microcurrent, laser-based treatments (such as Zerona), etc. is simply that they CAN cause fat cells to give up some of their fat content, but the cells remain in place, waiting to plump up again!

This is why people "yo-yo diet." (People tend to diet and temporarily lose fat, which immediately returns with their normal lifestyle).​

In well over 4,500 procedures we have learned that, while the process is effective for all body types. Some people do not respond as well to fat freezing. The following get slower and less impressive results - but results nonetheless:

~Those with slow metabolism and sedentary lifestyles

~Those who have thyroid issues

~Those who smoke

~Those who drink excessively

~Those taking fertility hormones

~Those with active hepatitis

~Those with high levels of stress (and the hormone Cortisol)

What we offer you

YOU Beautique for men...



For MEN!

Men face some very unique issues with stubborn fat deposits, such as on the "love handles" and breast area, these areas on men, are often immune to physical activity  and  diet, and even more so as we mature.  The unique and innovative technology of Lipo-Freeze can be a powerful boost to  self-confidence and  physical appearance with applications to these areas.


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