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What is "EMSCULPT"?

Emsculpt is a revolutionary addition to the family of noninvasive body contouring procedures like Lipo-Freeze. While many other treatments can reduce stubborn fat,  unsightly bulges and tighten the skin, Emsculpt is the only noninvasive treatment that actually builds muscle while burning fat. 

Emsculpt uses HIFEM magnetic field technology. 

 This amazing energy penetrates the treatment area and stimulates powerful muscle contractions that are much higher than what the body can typically achieve through exercise. This causes a metabolic reaction within the treatment area that strengthens and builds muscles while eliminating fat cells.

This amazing technology can be applied to the abdomen, thighs, arms, back, helping you to sculpt the body you dream about.

Taking about 30 min per treatment, most clients see results within 2 treatments with 4 being the optimal in visual changes. This treatment is pain free and requires no down time, alone or combined with Lipo-Freeze and body detoxification, the results can be astounding.

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